We use cookies to facilitate your use of our website. “Cookies” are small data units that are temporarily stored on your computer’s hard disk by your browser and are necessary for the use of our site. They do not contain personal data and may not be used for user identification purposes. Most of the times, a cookie consists in a unique entry code, which is a random number and is stored on your device. Some cookies expire upon completion of your navigation on the website, while others remain on your computer longer.

Cookie Categories

First party cookies

First party cookies are installed by the website you are navigating through and may only be read by that website.

Third party cookies

Third party cookies are installed by other organisations we use from different devices. For instance, we use external analytics service providers, who place cookies for us in order to analyse what is effective and what’s not. The website you have entered may display content originating, for example, from YouTube. These websites will also install their own cookies.

Why you need to accept cookies

We use the information contained in cookies to improve the services we offer you. For instance, such information:

  • Enables a service to identify a device, so that you don’t have to provide the same information several times during a process, e.g. when you are completing a form or carrying out online research;
  • Supports product research;
  • Allows Video Player to operate properly;
  • Records how many users are making use of our services, so as to facilitate their use and provide sufficient dynamics to confirm that they are moving at proper speed; analyses anonymous data to help us understand how users are interacting with various aspects of our online services, so as to improve them.

What happens if you do not accept the cookies

If you decide to not accept the cookies, certain functionalities of our website will not be able to operate properly. This may pose restrictions on what you can do on our website or it may also affect the website’s design or your experience to some extent. The functionalities which may become affected include the following:

  • Product/description research
  • Videos
  • Like & Share on social networks
  • Embedded contents such as iFrames, Flash etc.

If you disagree with the collection of information through cookies, you can adjust your browser’s settings accordingly (such settings are available on most browsers), and erase any cookies already installed on your device or choose to automatically reject all future cookies or to have a “reject or accept” option in respect of each individual cookie.

Cookies included in this website

Cookie Policy

  • cb-enabled

Your decision as to the use of cookies affects the use of this website as a whole.

Google Analytics

  • heli-googleanalytics
  • __utmt_UA-XXX
  • __utma
  • __utmb
  • __utmc
  • __utmz

These cookies are used to collect information about your use of our website and its content.

Disable Google Analytics

  • ga-disable-UA-XXX

If this cookie is activated, no information will be collected about your use of the website.


  • YSC
  • GEUP
  • PREF

These cookies are installed by “You Tube (third part, offering video services). They collect information about the use of videos on our website. The activation of this cookies does NOT rely on the use of videos on the website.


This cookie identifies a user’s session. It is used anonymously and facilitates the website’s proper operation, as it generates a unique session identification code.

Other information

Apart from the cookies mentioned above, additional first- or third- party cookies may be used on (external) content included on the website, which uses technologies like iFrames, Flash, JavaScript etc. By accepting the cookies, you agree that such content contains cookies.

DODONI has no control over any third-party cookies and therefore bears no liability in this regard. Please refer to the respective third-party websites for more information.

DODONI reserves the right to use the information collected by the cookies and the anonymous analysis of your website usage patterns, as per the applicable laws, for marketing purposes in relation to certain products that are made available through its websites (cookies for use-based online advertisements).

DODONI reserves the right to modify, in whole or in part, and update the way in which its websites function, including how data and information supplied by the website users are collected or processed.

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