Our Cypriot halloumi

Our delectable halloumi cheese is made from 100% fresh sheep, goat and cow’s milk, with a hint of refreshing mint. We always produce our halloumi in accordance with the highest quality standards.

  • Authentic Cypriot cheese with PDO status
  • High in protein
  • High in calcium

With an always expanding range, you can explore other DODONI Halloumi flavours like chilli and basil, or packaged in different shapes.

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  • Blend of pasteurized cow, sheep and goat’s milk, salt, mint, rennet (non-animal)

Nutritional Information

Typical values per 100g

Energy1319 kJ / 317 kcal
of which saturated16g
of which sugars1g

Authentic cypriot halloumi with pdo status

At DODONI, we are proud to offer Halloumi cheese with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status, sourced from the island of Cyprus and produced using traditional cheese-making methods. As the market leader for branded P.D.O. Feta in Greece, we combine our extensive knowledge and experience to ensure our halloumi is of the highest quality and authenticity. Whether grilled, fried, or served fresh, enjoy the unique flavour and excellent golden crust of our halloumi with confidence, knowing it meets the strict standards of PDO certification.

How to cook
with halloumi

How to cook
with halloumi

DODONI Halloumi is a true Cypriot classic.

Cut into slices and throw it onto the barbecue to revel in the chargrilled perfection, or fry it on the grill in honey until it has a delicious golden crust for a quick and easy snack.

The best part? Halloumi cheese doesn’t melt when heated, so it remains a versatile ingredient with whatever you might be cooking up.

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That Dodoni Taste

For 60 years we’ve used only the purest raw ingredients, grown from our rich terroirs and clear mountain waters. Every one of our traditional production processes has been refined and perfected over the decades, so our products are renowned for being consistently high quality.

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